Types of Manure

What is Compost:

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment.Compost can be rich in nutrients.It is used as garden,landscaping,horticulture & agriculture.

Types of Compost:

There are three major types of Manure.

  • Green manure:
    Green Manure Fertilizer
  1. Green Manures increase the percentage of organic matter in the soil.
  2. The root systems of some varieties of green manure grow deep in the soil.
  3. Common cover crop functions of weed suppression and prevention of soil erosion.
  • Farmyard manure:


Farm Yard Manure
  1.  Farm yard manure has been used as a fertilizer for farming,as it improve the soil structure.
  2. Its holding more nutrients and water.
  3. FYM also encourages soil microbial activity which promotes the soil’s trace mineral supply ,improve plant nutrients.
  •  Compost manure:
  1. Improved water retention.
  2. Improved soil structure.
  3. Increased nutrient value.
  4. Improved nutrient holding capacity.
  5. Improve plant health.

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